Top 4 reasons for cart abandonment – with easy tips to solve

06 December 2021

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You’ve got your shopper to the purchase stage. They’ve clicked the Buy Now button.

Your shoppers can go two ways from here – follow through with the purchase of their selected goods and proceed through your checkout. Alternatively, they can opt-out from the sale.

There’s lots you can do to significantly reduce cart abandonments and maximise conversions, and we’re going to show you how.

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Cart abandon rates

eCommerce makes it so easy for consumers to browse, conduct research, compare prices and products, and explore gift options. The SAP Consumer Propensity Study found that 46% of Australian shoppers use online carts to compare prices with other brands and websites. Cart abandonment may not necessarily be a problem with your website, products or business.

But what if it is?

This same study found that on average 57% of Australian online shoppers discarded their carts sometimes or all the time. Cart abandonment jumps to 67% for fashion and 65% for furniture. Check for the statistics for cart abandonment worldwide in your industry.Let’s have a look at the top four reasons for cart abandonment and how your business can overcome them:

Ikea's  2019 Campaign

Get ready for your returned shoppers

Only 8% of shoppers will return to make a purchase if you do nothing. However, it’s not all bad news – add in a powerful abandoned cart email or a retargeting digital campaign and this figure jumps to 18%.This is the time to acknowledge they have returned and welcome them back with open arms.

Flash a free delivery offer – or a discount code voucher. Add a time limit on the coupon to bring a sense of urgency and keep their focus on finalising the purchase. This could just be the nudge they need to get them to buy.

Woo them with customer service – provide clear ways for them to contact you in the case their original reason for cart abandonment is still an issue. Email contact details, FAQs or providing a live chat gives them the opportunity to ask questions to clear up any issues.

Offer a range of payment finance options for your audience. With credit card issues expected to fall 21.2% in 2020-21, what happens when your customer does not have enough money available for their shopping?

What about finance that offers customisable terms to your customers seeking BNPL convenience?

etika Interest Free Finance lets your business and your customers choose the instalment amounts and/or the duration of the finance - customisable finance offers to suit your products and to give their customers fairer and flexible finance.

Our client,, uses etika Interest Free Finance to create a customised BNPL offering to help their customers buy a mattress that matches their budget.

Early in their buying journey, their customers can see the monthly repayment amounts for each mattress spread over 12 months. They can easily and quickly shop for their choice of mattress that fits within their spend.

How can your business qualify your customers up front by offering a more fitting Interest Free Finance option?

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There are so many ways you can use etika’s customised finance for your online shop to save your cart abandonment rates and maximise your sales conversion. Talk to us about fair finance that fits on 1300-FAIRER (324 737) or contact us here.
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