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Flexible interest-free loans

We offer your customers a choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments without hidden fees or costs. You get your money upfront whilst your customers get to buy what they need or want.
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Spotlight Customer

etika developed a customised finance solution for AIA Vitality in the UK and Australia.

We provide interest-free loans to AIA Vitality members for products that form part of certain benefits, allowing the members to pay them off over a period of 12-24 months.

AIA Vitality members can reduce their monthly loan repayments by being active and achieving their tracked activity targets. AIA Vitality co-contributes proportionality to the member loans.
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Benefits for you

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Receive your money upfront whilst your customers get to buy what they want now
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Offer your customers finance without taking any risk
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Integration with your eCommerce platform is quick and easy
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Our merchant fees are fair and competitive
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Benefits for your customers

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They can buy what they want or need now and pay for it later
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Flexible repayments, allowing them control over their budget
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No immediate upfront instalment
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No late fees or account fees, ever
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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up as a Business?
Thanks for choosing to work with us!

Just go to our Apply now page. If you fit our criteria you can be up and running within 5 business days of providing any documents we need to establish your account.
How can I contact you for help or more information?
Just call us on 1300-FAIRER (324737) or email us if it’s outside of business hours.
Why should I offer etika?
We help you grow your business by offering your customers a flexible and secure payment option, resulting in increased conversion, average order value and repeat purchases. You will get your money upfront and your customer gets to buy what they want, without paying any interest, account fees or late fees. And no upfront payment either.

We assume all approved customer non-payment risk for every single transaction and facilitate the payment mechanisms to you.

If you have an etika account manager, you can also contact them for any questions or concerns. If you want to know more, just call us on 1300-FAIRER (324737) or email us at if it’s outside of business hours.
How and when do I get paid?
We settle all transactions on the next business day into your nominated bank account. The agreed merchant fee will be deducted from the payment. We assume all non-payment and fraud risk for every single approved customer transaction.
What eCommerce platforms can I use etika on?
You can use etika on WooCommerce and Magento 1 & 2. We will be adding other platforms soon.
What will it cost me?
We charge a variable and fixed fee on each transaction.  

You can stop using our services whenever you like, there is no lock-in contract.  

If you want to know more about the fees or anything else, just call us on 1300-FAIRER (324737) or email us if it’s outside of business hours.
How do I change any of my business details, like my email, password or mobile?
Just log in and go to 'Account details' and change what you need to change.

Any issues, just call us on 1300-FAIRER (324737) or email us if it’s outside of business hours.
How can I change my bank details? 
Just log in and go to 'Account details' and change your bank account details.

Any issues, just call us on 1300-FAIRER (324737) or email us if it’s outside of business hours.
How will the settlement appear on my account?  
The transaction will appear on your account as “etika…….etc”
Are my account details secure?
We take information security seriously and have processes in place to ensure that your private information is secure. We will never sell your information to a third party.

For more information please see our privacy policy.

We will never ask for your account details via email or over the phone if you receive such a request please contact us immediately.
How do I issue a refund? 
Just process the refund in your eCommerce platform, like you normally would, it will flow through automatically into our system. We will refund you half of the variable merchant fee.

The refund will be processed by us and will be accounted for in ‘Settlement’ at the next settlement date.
How do refunds work for my customers?
After you have approved a refund, the following will happen;  

Partial Refunds
We will update the customer’s payment schedule by reducing the instalments or processing a refund back to customer’s card where required. The refund is applied to the last instalment first, then the before last instalment and so on.

For example:  If the order value is $100 and they have chosen to pay fortnightly and no instalment has come out of their account yet - if a refund of $60 has been agreed on, we will cancel their 4th and 3rd instalments of $25, and reduce the 2nd instalment to $15. They will pay their first instalment of $25 two weeks after you placed their order with you.

Full Refunds
We will automatically cancel their payment schedule, so they are no longer charged for the order. If they have already made payments, we will process a refund back to their card.  

For example: If the order value is $100 and they have paid 2 instalments of $25 we would cancel the 3rd and 4th instalment and process a $50 refund (i.e. $25 X 2 instalments).
Disputes and Complaints
If you have a concern with our services please email us to lodge a complaint.

Have a question?

If you'd like to contact etika, please call 1300-FAIRER(324737) or email us.
Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm (AEST).
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