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We deliver fair and flexible financial products, in a socially responsible way, to customers and retailers.

etika was founded in 2014 by a group of tech entrepreneurs, that wanted to make fairer finance accessible to more people globally. With many existing financial platforms built on outdated technology and infrastructures, we set out to build a modern, secure and scalable platform that can keep pace with today’s ever-changing consumers.

The name etika means ‘ethical’ in several languages and that’s exactly what we want to bring to finance - a responsible and fair approach to lending money. We’re different to other lenders because we put the financial wellbeing of our customers first.


We believe in diversity of people and ideas

We aim to make finance accessible to many, not just a lucky few

We lead through innovation and launch fast

We develop our core platform in-house giving us maximum control and flexibility

We use modern technology to improve products for our customers

Our finance is easy to use and understand

Being fair and responsible is more important than profit


At etika we are a diverse team, focused on making financial services fairer. For any questions about working at etika, get in contact with us.


Financial Accountant

Sydney, New South Wales


Business Development Manager

Sydney, New South Wales

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