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Fair and simple finance for you and your customers.

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Fair, flexible finance for your customers

We offer your customers a convenient way to spread the cost of shopping with you, without hidden fees or costs. You get paid upfront whilst your customers get what they want or need now.
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Benefits for you

We use unique lending technology to deliver flexible, affordable finance to more of your customers
Our platform offers interest-free, interest-bearing, soft check and bespoke finance products
We help take care of everything from integration and reporting, to fraud and risk
We’re the only finance platform that allows customers to check how much they can afford before they shop
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Benefits for your customers

etika gives your customers a fair and flexible way to spread the cost of shopping with you
We never charge late fees or hidden costs and our application process is transparent and simple
We use artificial intelligence and soft check technology to ensure that customers don’t borrow more than they can afford
We make borrowing money a positive experience by putting customers' financial wellbeing first
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Frequently asked questions

The customer would like their products delivered to a different address from the one given on their loan agreement, is this ok?
Who do I call if I need help or support?
Is it complicated to support customers that have loans with etika?
Do I need a license to offer consumer finance?
What happens if a customer’s application is declined?
How easy is the application process for my customers?
Is there any risk of bad debt?
When do I receive payments for goods?
Is the process secure?
Which retail finance product is right for my business?
What finance products does etika offer?
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