Welcome to etika!

Paybreak Limited, and our trading name afforditNOW have changed their name to etika.

Why have we changed our name?

We believe that etika better reflects what we stand for. The name etika means ‘ethical’ in several languages and that’s exactly what we want to bring to finance – a responsible and fair approach to lending money.

More about etika

What has changed?

Not a lot will change for you. Your loan agreement and terms and conditions remain unchanged. The only difference will be that you will soon see ‘etika’ on your credit file and your bank statement when we collect your Direct Debit.

You can still manage your account online, view your finance agreements and make payments on our website; simply use the same username and password you set up under Paybreak/afforditNOW

How to contact us

Our email address has changed along with our Customer Service phone number.

Our new contact details are as follows: